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Curriculum vitae et studiorum

Date of Birth: 30th June 1975
Place of Birth: Catania
Permanent Address: Viale Parioli 43 00197 Roma Italy
Citizenship: Italian

Marital Status: Married

Working Experience

2008-present Helio Partners  Chairman and Managing partner. Cape Helio is a fund entirely dedicated to renewable energies promoted by Cape Natixis and Helio Partners Management Team (advisor of Cape Helio Fund).  The Fund with a target of 70 Mio Euro will invest in Italy and Mediterranean Europe. A significant share of the investments will be addressed to photovoltaic sector

2008-present Helio Capital S.p.A. Founder, Chairman and CEO. Helio Capital is a Limited Company operating in building, managing and exploiting photovoltaic parks for energy generation and sale. The mission is to build, on its own or in partnership with other operators, a photovoltaic parks portfolio within Mediterranean countries for an overall 200MWp.  The Management already started the planning to build parks in Italy within the southern area. The first parks opening is foreseen within the second half of 2008. 85% of Helio Capital Share Capital is currently owned by Cape Live and 15% by the management. The business model avails of the incentives standards and modalities support foreseen by the European Regulation. The above mentioned incentives system will allow operators to generate a stable income for a 20-years period. The estimated average gross operational margin is higher than 80% out of the total sales value. This business model is able to generate high cash flow returns and to exploit financial leverage to finance the investments

2004-2008 Electrabel, Suez Group. Head of Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Communication Electrabel Italia. He has been responsible of articulating the strategic view of Electrabel Suez on the Italian Energy market. He coordinates the budget and the medium-term plan process for all the 15 participated entities in the Italian scope (total EBITDA larger than 310 Mio Euro). He led many due diligence teams for the acquisition of renewable energy projects. He was member of the Risk committee and of the Sales Management committee of the Joint-Venture AceaElectrabel. He has been member of the Board of Directors of AlpEnergie S.p.A. (2005-2006), one of the main Italian energy supply companies 

1999-2004 McKinsey and Company, Inc. His professional activity has been mainly devoted to the Utilities sector, with a special emphasis on electric power generation and distribution. Member of the Electric Power and Natural Gas International Practice of McKinsey, he has been author of internal referred papers about the energy industry.
Moreover, during his carrier he served clients in a wide spread of sector: Energy, Telecommunications, Venture Capital, Automotive, Insurance, Consumer Goods, and Credit Cards, as an expert in Corporate strategy, Business dynamics and Operations

Other Working Experience

2004-2005 World Bank Group. Consultant:

Other Non-Working

2006 Chairman of the Alumni Association of University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (ALET)

2005 Founding member I-Com: Institute for Competitiveness

2002 Founding member Thesmos: Center for European studies


1999-2002 Ph.D in Money, Banking and Finance, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Thesis “Do real options perform better than net present value? Testing in an artificial environment”. Supervisor: Professor Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo. The thesis focuses on non-linear rational equilibrium systems with a new approach based on the option value theory. Development of a theoretical dynamic model based on option value and computational simulations using SWARM, the Santa Fe Institute platform for agent-based simulations

1997-98 Master in Economics of Coripe Piemonte (MSc). Final research paper under the supervision of Professor Pietro Terna on “A computational approach to the emergence of banking institutions”

1994-97 Graduated in Economics of Institutions and Financial Markets, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, with a final score of 110/110 cum laude. Dissertation on “A study of the political economy of democracy: the interaction between politics and economics in Italy during the ‘90s”


"How and how much is liquid the Italian power wholesale market?", with S. Di Mario, I-Com Analysis, 2007 [In Italian]

"EU Emission Trading Scheme and investments under uncertainty in the power sector", with S. Stefanoni, I-Com working papers, 2006

"Agent-based simulations for capital intensive industries", in P. Terna, R. Boero, M. Morini, M. Sonnessa (eds.), "Models for complexity, agent-based simulation in Economics", Il Mulino, 2006 [In Italian]

"Corporate Risk Management", in Marco Arcelli, Stefano da Empoli, Massimo Daniele Sapienza (eds.), "European Energy sector: future scenarios and current challenges", Rubettino, 2006 [In Italian]

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Unpublished papers

“Vietnam power plant cost-flow model", with S. Stefanoni, in D. Ferrarese, M. Sapienza, S. Savastano and S. Stefanoni, "Real Options and project valuation: selected case studies", World Bank, 2004

“Federalism and Power markets”, Einaudi Foundation Energy Institute, 2004 [In Italian]

“Complexity, Financial markets efficiency and business cycle from the bottom-up: an agent based approach to stochastic general economic dynamics: GEM”, with S. Eusepi, 2002

“Partisan and Opportunistic behavior: a restatement of Alesina model with endogenous voting and synthesis operators ”, 1997

“Some considerations on voter paradox and majority equilibrium”, 1996 [In Italian]

Awards and fellowships

1998 Coripe Piemonte, graduate fellow

1995 Awarded a grant by the Luigi Einaudi Foundation for a short essay: ”Liberal and Libertarian: Keynes and Von Mises”

1994 Awarded a grant by the Luigi Einaudi Foundation for a short essay: ”The Liberal Society and Welfare one’s”